LiDAR UAV Systems

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LiDAR UAV Systems

The Trimble APX UAV GNSS-Inertial solution is a complete hardware and software solution suitable for even the smallest of UAVs. It is comprised of a single-board OEM module, which contains a survey-grade multi-frequency GNSS receiver and high-performance MEMS inertial sensors. Also included is Applanix’ POSPac UAV software for post-processing the collected data.

Light weight

LiDAR 16/32 CH laser scanner weighs from 750 g, yet is able to detect objects with 10% reflectivity at 200 m.

Combined Strengths

The LiDARUAV drone system weighs only 1200 grams, meaning that it can be installed on even very light-weight drones.

Point Cloud Pre-Processing software

Post-procesor software comes with scanner to enable data fusion of flight trajectory and point cloud output in LAS or xyzi format, as well as point cloud visualization.


LiDAR solutions for profesionals.

In 2015 it became clear that the airborne mapping and surveying industry was moving towards LiDAR sensors onboard UAVs; these solutions are very cost effective for highly accurate and fast terrain data gathering.

LiDAR has a number of advantages – including the capability to penetrate vegetation cover and provide real-time data– making it the preferred solution for users who regularly perform corridor mapping, and the mapping of hard to access areas.

High Performance mobile LiDAR Solutions

However, there are considerable challenges associated with UAV LiDAR systems, including potential financial losses associated with: UAV crashes, flight-time limitations due to heavy payloads, and poor point cloud quality.

LiDARUAV began to work on drone LiDAR system, in order to provide a viable solution. The drone LiDAR system has been designed and built to achieve the perfect balance of weight, cost and performance.

LiDARUAV Drone Systems

We developed a cost effective surveying grade LiDAR solution. is
integrated with a 16CH/32 CH multi-beam Laser Scanner, a POS (GNSS/IMU), a computer control unit and data storage unit.

LiDARUAV is featured as accurate, highly integrated, ultra light, easy to operate, fast to install/dis-assemble, and convenient to carry. As a user affordable solution, We adapts to most UAV systems. The highly
integrated design its portable system distinguish performance and stability. We enables
surveyors to rapidly obtain Digital Surface Model and images for efficient geospatial applications.


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