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VTOL Tactical Series

We designed to be the most efficient of its kind. That means low stall speeds, high
max efficiency, a large cruise window and payload capacity, self cooling fuselage,
built in component bays and an entirely electric propulsion system. This equates to less energy expended and more time in the air.

Compared to the swept wing, the forward swept wing has four main advantages:

VTOL features: Implement the mature quad motor concept achieve vertical takeoff and landing eliminating the restriction of the runway requirement in the field. The quad motor also provide the maximum fail safe protection against any malfunctions situation during the mission.


Structural advantages. 

The forward swept wing structure ensures a better connection between the wing and the fuselage and reasonably distributes the pressure by the wing and the nose landing gear. These advantages are difficult or impossible to achieve by other methods, which greatly improve the aerodynamic performance of the maneuvering, especially at low speeds.


Maneuverability advantage. 

The forward swept wing technology allows the aircraft to have very good aerodynamic performance at subsonic flight, greatly improving its maneuverability while high pitch flight.


Takeoff and landing advantage.

ompared with the normal swept-wing aircraft of the same wing area, the forward-swept aircraft has a higher lift and a 30% increase in payload capacity, thus reducing the wing area and size, reducing the drag and aircraft structural weight; reducing the weight for balancing, improves the low-speed maneuverability, shortens the take-off landing distance. 


Controllable advantages. 

The use of the forward swept wing structure can improve the controllability of the aircraft at low speeds, improve the aerodynamic performance in all flight conditions, reduce the stall speed, and ensure that the aircraft is not easy to enter the tail spin, thus greatly improving the safety and reliability of the aircraft.


VTOL 17-120 (Electrical)

The multi-purpose modular design allows us to change different payload modules at any time according to the operation requirements. The rotor arm adopts custom design, and the electrical connection adopts special design to prevent the wrong insertion; intelligent temperature control airspeed tube improves UAV's reliability in cold environment.


We are committed to integrating efficient design with modern technology in a robust, entirely composite platform. The VTOL is nearly silent, can fly for over 2 hrs, reach speeds of up to 120 km/h and travel for over 180+km. The VTOL allow you to fly autonomously, capture stunning HD photos and video, complete aerial surveys, monitor crop health, and wirelessly transmit live video. This is all achieved with incredible accuracy of an on board autopilot system.


- Full composite, carbon fiber / Honeycomb core structure.  
- Electric motor power.  
- Revolutionary huge fuselage design for carrying Hydrogen Liquid battery.  
- Cruise of 24m/s power consumption from 330-600 watt at 17kg MTOW.  
- Tough structure achieve industrial standard.  
- Dual battery power maximize the safety goal.
- Compatible with full-featured PC-base, open source autopilot. system.  
- Easy for assemble in the field, no need for expert skill - VTOL suit for any mission.


VTOL 22-300 (Fuel Engine)

Hybrid (battery&gasoline) VTOL fixed wing UAV platform specifically designed for large area flight mission. Long endurance, high speed, large payload, stable structure and high reliability.


28cc engine being used which made in Germany provided the maximum reliability for the long run of UAV application.

Engine maintenance period will vary depends on the operating environment and condition.

Fuel Engine Features 

- Customize auto starter.
- Unique modular engine mount for plug and playin field. 
- Redundance power supply system ensure the maximum safety factor against any failure of electrical issue in flight.


VTOL 45-600 (Fuel Engine)

Unmanned Aerial System is ready to fly modular solution that can be easily customized in the field according to any mission. 


Our system is packed with high-end technology, AES 128/256 encryption and anti-jamming technologies.

Long Range

VTOL UAV can stay in the air for up to 8 hours with 4 kg payload and well-suited for surveillance, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue and public safety applications.


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