LiDAR UAV Systems
Long Range

The best-in-class mapping LiDAR system  specifically designed for larger drones and manned light  aircraft. With an acquisition range of up to 1,500 meters, and a point density 3 times that of a small format 360° FOV airborne LiDAR, LiDARUAV LR is the perfect choice for 1:500 - 1:2000 topographic mapping and other high density point cloud applications. 

Its  uniquely high point acquisition rate means LiDARUAV LR can be mounted to flying platforms ranging from large multi-rotor UAVs to fixed-wing aircraft with flying speeds of 100km/h.

With  cutting-edge technologies inside, LiDARUAV LR has been applied to  transmission line inspection, topographic mapping, 3D city modeling, water conservancy survey, forestry census, and geological disaster assessment.

- FOV 70°×40°
- Swath is 1.4 times the acquisition range
- Maximum range is 1500 m
- Typical range is 100~700 m

100% pulse capture, no wasted points;  complete  vertical surface coverage with careful flight planning, similar to oblique photography.


- 600k pts / sec
- Point density better than 100pts/m2 @ 200 m range

Integrated image sensor data is synchronized with the LiDAR data. This provides automatic exterior orientation and geo-referencing for image fusion
and mapping.


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